Welcome to the Registration Page


  • Search the catalog using the search and filter options to locate a course(s).
  • To view a course description and other details, click the course name, and a new page will open.
  • To register, check the box to the left of the course(s) name(s) and click the Register button at the bottom of the page. You will be asked to create a student account or log in with your existing student account.  You will then be taken to a payment page to complete your registration. You will receive two emails.  The first will confirm your student account has been created and the second will confirm the course registration is complete.
  • Site Coordinators: please go to my.vhslearning.org to enroll students.
  • If you need assistance, please contact us at service.vhslearning.org  or 978.897.1900

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