Programming in Visual Basic

Start Here
By reading the Start Here documents, students will be come familiar with the teacher, course expectations, and other course related information

Week 1
Students will become familiar with the VHS learning environment by practicing in the VHS learning environment and participating in the discussion thread.

Week 2
Use of the Internet, Guidance Office, and Newspapers to learn about salaries, opportunities, education requirements, etc.

Week 3
Understand the Visual Basic environment by reading, experimentation, and practice with Visual Basic

Week 4
Exploring the concepts of objects, methods, and events in a Media Center document, in their own lives, and in Windows programs

Week 5
Read about Visual Basic Objects
Learn by designing a good user interface using the common objects

Week 6
Read about Visual Basic events
Learn by programming events in sample Visual Basic programs

Week 7
Complete a review of coursework concepts covered so far
Completion of review assignments

Week 8
Read about variables and data types
Practice using variables and data types writing Visual Basic programs

Week 9
Read about decision making methods in programming
Learn by writing programs in Visual Basic that are able to make decisions

Week 10
Read about an alternative way to make decisions in programs
Learn by writing programs in the alternative decision making way introduced
Compare the two methods of how programs make decisions

Week 11
Read about doing repetitive tasks
Learn by practicing writing programs that do various forms of looping.
Compare the various forms of looping to each other

Week 12
Read about Visual Basic simple shapes
Read about Visual Basic coordinate systems
Learn to use simple graphic shapes by using them in programs that you write

Week 13
Read about Picture, Image, and Timing controls
Learn by experimenting with Picture, Image, and Timer controls in Visual Basic, writing programs that use these objects

Week 14
Students will read a Media Center document describing the assignment in detail.
Students write a program of their own choosing, designed to incorporate as many of the concepts learned during the semester as possible

Week 15
Finish project started in Week 14
Read a review of semester's concepts
Completion of review assignments