Preveterinary Medicine

Week One: Introductions
creation of portfolios
scavenger hunt (ice-breaking activity)
different roles of veterinarians
So you Want to Be a Vet? discussion

Week Two: The Skeletal System
directional terms in anatomy
joints, bones, girdles, skeleton
hip dysplasia, arthritis, orthopedic surgery, lyme disease

Week Three: The Cardiovascular System
arteries, veins, capillaries
circulatory routes
blood and its components
the heart
heart disease, heartworm

Week Four: The Respiratory System
lungs, surface area, red blood cells
dissociation curves, CO2 and O2 loading and unloading
feline asthma, upper respiratory problems, kennel cough, pneumonia

Week Five: Digestive System
small animal vs. large animal comparison and evolutionary significance
parts of the digestive system (esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine)
teeth and associated problems
accessory organs (liver, pancreas, gall bladder) and secretions
liver failure, diarrhea, gastric torsions, parasites

Week Six: Reproductive and Excretory Systems
male and female reproductive systems
spaying and neutering (procedure and importance)
urinary system (kidneys, bladder)
tumors, C sections, kidney failure, bladder problems

Week Seven: Integumentary System
skin and ears
fleas, ticks, dermatitis, yeast infections, tumors, ottis media
ear docking and tail cropping

Week Eight: Diagnostic Procedures 1
taking a history and good questioning skills
physical examination (palpation, temperatures, weigh-in)
normal values
abnormal physical examinations (tumors, lymph nodes)

Week Nine: Diagnostic Procedures 2
bloodwork, fecals, heartworm tests, urinalysis, Xrays
normal values
ultrasound, MRI, presurgical bloodwork, exploratory surgery

Weeks Ten through Thirteen: Case Studies
application of anatomical information and diagnostic procedures to problem-solve with case studies
working in groups (4 students per group) working on one case study per week

Week Fourteen: Research Project
investigation of disease/disorder/problem that affects large or small animals
5-8 page research paper

Week Fifteen: Next Steps to Becoming a Vet
college coursework to prepare for vet school
locations, entry requirements, and contacts for vet school
summer programs for high school and college students