Marketing and the Internet

Course Orientation
-Review of course outline
-Creating your "Profile"

The Basics of Business in the Marketplace
-Core concepts and Marketing functions
-The 4 Ps of Marketing and their importance
-Where is business headed?

-Analyze the impact of technology in today’s marketplace?
-Identify trends that influence current marketing strategies
-Identify guidelines for the ethical use of computer technology

Reasons for a Business Internet Presence
-The "How To's" of creating a Web Presence
-The Product/Service and the Internet Consumer
-Creating a Continued Interest
-Branding and Traditional Medias
-Purchasing on the Web

Internet Law
- The Basics
- Expanding the Global Market

The Extranet
- How Businesses collaborate internally
- Innovative Business Tools

Creating Your Presence on the Web

CAPSTONE ACTIVITY: Prepare a business plan for a product and develop a web page for that product