Forensic Science

Week 1 

  • Quiz Pre-Assessment 
  • PT Post Great Expectations 
  • Blog & Wiki Introduce Yourself Discussion Crime Conversations: Jeffrey MacDonald 
  • Dropbox Focus on Forensics: Introduction to Forensics Quiz How Observant Are You? 

Week 2 
  • Discussion Crime Conversations: Hypothetical Scenario Dropbox Focus on Forensics: CSI 
  • Dropbox Crime Scene Investigation Activity 
  • Blog & Wiki Careers in Forensics 

Week 3 
  • Discussion Crime Conversations: Madrid Train Bombings 
  • Dropbox Focus on Forensics: Fingerprints Dropbox Who Kidnapped Proton 
  • Wiki Study Your Fingerprints Dropbox Is It A Match? 

Week 4 
  • Discussion Crime Conversations: Roy Brown 
  • Dropbox Focus on Forensics: Casts and impressions 
  • Wiki Shoe Size and Height 
  • Dropbox Fingerprint Analysis 
  • Quiz Test Time! Weeks 1-4 

Week 5 
  • Discussion Crime Conversations: Atlanta Child Murders 
  • Dropbox Focus on Forensics: Hair and Fiber 
  • Dropbox Hair Analysis 
  • Dropbox Expert Testimony 
  • Dropbox Shoe Size and Height Analysis 

Week 6 
  • Discussion Crime Conversations: Scott Peterson 
  • Dropbox Focus on Forensics: Forensic Anthropology 
  • Dropbox Autopsy Evaluation 
  • Dropbox What the Bones Tell Us 
  • Wiki Height and Body Proportions 

Week 7 
  • Discussion Crime Conversations: Casey Anthony 
  • Focus on Forensics: Understanding Death 
  • Dropbox Estimating time of death 
  • Dropbox Height and Body Proportions Analysis 

Week 8 
  • Discussion Crime Conversations: Christa Worthington 
  • Dropbox Focus on Forensics: DNA Dropbox The Break-in 
  • Dropbox Who are the parents? 
  • Quiz Test Time! Week 5-7 

Week 9 
  • Blog Cold Case JFK 
  • Discussion Crime Conversations:Kennedy Assassination 
  • Dropbox Focus on Forensics: Balistics 
  • Dropbox Firing Pin Match Blog Catching a Killer Game 

Week 10 
  • Discussion Crime Conversations: Drugs in Sports 
  • Dropbox Focus on Forensics: Drugs and Poisons 
  • Blog Newspaper Article 
  • Dropbox 10.3: 
  • Test Weeks 8-10 

Week 11 
  • Discussion Crime Conversations: O.J. Simpson 
  • Dropbox Focus on Forensics: Blood 
  • Wiki Blook Spatter: Effect of Height 
  • Wiki Blood Spatter: Impact Angle 

Week 12 
  • Discussion Crime Conversations: Social Media 
  • Dropbox Focus on Forensics: Documents and Data 
  • Dropbox Handwriting Analysis Wiki Crime Team Science: Invoice 
  • Dropbox Blood Spatter Analysis 

Week 13 
  • Discussion Crime Conversations: The Lindbergh case 
  • Dropbox Focus on Forensics: Glass Dropbox Focus on Forensics: Toolmarks 
  • Wiki Crime Team Science: Prosecution's Report Wiki 
  • Crime Team Science: Defense's Report 

Week 14 
  • Discussion Crime Lab Conversations 
  • Wiki Crime Team Science: The Prosecutions' Argument 
  • Wiki Crime Team Science: The Defense's Argument 
  • Quiz Test 11-14 

Week 15 
  • Wiki Jury Selection 
  • Dropbox Focus on Forensics: The Trial 
  • Discussions Crime Conversations on Your Cases Survey 
  • Course Survey 
  • VHS Learning Student Survey 
  • Quiz Post-Assessment 

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